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Ever wonder how will it be if you meet your best pals in your old age? Just witnessed a beautiful meeting today.One of my mom’s friends had a function at home.It was her grandson’s upanayanam.

Mom insisted on attending the function.She didn’t want to let go of an opportunity to meet her old colleagues. Had to accompany her as I didn’t want her to go alone.

Her friends were so happy to meet her again.It was a pleasant surprise for them.They had not expected mom to turn up.I was the bonus!. In fact,her friends thanked me for helping my mom to come and meet them. They were colleagues meeting each other, a few years after their retirement. They talked about their old workplace and the imminent changes that were happening there.The conversation then veered to other missing colleagues,their families and children.

Then it was time for selfies and group photos.A bunch of sixty-plus-young females posing for a group photo was really awesome! .Then followed the introduction of their children and their grandchildren.Invariably,all of them had a smartphone and were showing off photos of their children and grandchildren in their mobiles.This was followed by typical dadima-boasting about their grandchildren.Not to be left behind,my mom also chipped in with stories about A-his favourite foods,his school competitions,his A+ grades….I had a feeling that grand-moms like their grand-kids better than their own kids.Grandchildren are definitely the icing on the cake.

Seeing how well they bonded,I felt a slight tinge of envy. Will I ever bond with my colleagues the same way? Probably,a few of them maybe. These days we seldom work for the same company for a lifetime.Chances of lifelong friendships diminish on account of that.

If you do have good friends who will stick by you through thick and thin,kindly hold on to them.Having lasting friendships in the evening of your life is a true blessing.It is nice to bond with friends who have seen you as a young bride,a wife,mother and then GRANDMOTHER! When you are sixty-plus,your family looks at you as an old woman,spent and exhausted.But your trustworthy friends still recall you as a vivacious young woman,full of energy.Your twilight years are enjoyable yet again when you have a bunch of best buddies rooting for you.

And as youngsters of this generation,I would recommend you to help your parents maintain their friendships. Let them be happy.A happy granny makes the home feel warmer!

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  1. Such a lovely write-up Subha. I so agree with you on all fronts!
    Somewhere in the race of life, we have started taking relationships n friendships for granted,unlike our previous generations.
    I really doubt if we will be able to catch up with the vivaciousness of yesteryears in this rat race.
    Just hope,it does not further deteriorate.

  2. This was so sweet. I could picture the warm moments between friends meeting after a long time.
    My mom recently met with het school friends after 40 years. It was so special. They went for a weekend stay. I know I will have afew special friends by my side when I grow old. 🙂

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