The Remarkable Storyteller

As part of our women entrepreneurs series,here is one on Priti Sudarsan,a remarkable storyteller.

Story-telling as a profession,is slowly gaining ground in India. Priti Sudarsan is one of the few pioneering women who have taken up this interesting challenge.

Here goes our interview with Priti

Story Teller
Priti Sudarsan- the remarkable storyteller

Tell us a few words about your  Venture

Hi! I am  Priti Sudarsan, a storyteller who trains kids and adults to communicate better with theater activities.I own a venture called ‘Story Voyage’ .It is a unique concept where I tell stories to kids in the bus and give them a first hand experience of traveling to the very place where they get to meet the characters.

That sounds interesting.Do give us a brief about your personal background

I’m an economist born and brought up in Mumbai. Did my college in Chennai and started working with banks and mutual find industry. Then after marriage worked for a brief stint with Times of India Teach India program.

Tell us about  institutions you have been associated with as a Story-Teller

I have done a lots of workshops and storytelling sessions in places like Chennai Hippocampus, Ashivita Bristo, Weebees Playschool, Pumpkin Patch, Oyster kids to name a few and also some individual workshops for kids of Arsha Vidya Mandir and Harishree Vidyalayam. I have even done outstation workshops in storytelling training for teachers in Nagpur.

Last year I did exclusive  storytelling for Pollen Cubes- an educational organization.

What about any workshops or events you have attended as a Story-Teller

I have attended workshops on storytelling and theater games from Ms.Poppy and Mrs.Geetha Ramanujam.I also participated in The International Storytelling Festival in Chennai where I was a part of the organizing team.I learnt a lot from working closely with the organising committee and also from the workshops in the Festival.

I have also participated in International storytelling festival and worked closely with international Storytellers like Randell McGee, Ruth Stotter etc to name a few.

Priti,we know you conduct workshops.Do tell us about how it will benefit the participants.

My workshop is basically to improve the communication skills of the participants.Story-telling,being a very good form of communication,helps participants to relate to their audience better.Besides improving their communication skills,participants can also aspire to become story tellers in their own right.We would be identifying the strength of each person and help him/her work towards the goal.

Basically a training workshop lasts for two to three days. A single day workshop would help them to come out of the shell and communicate better and also grab the attention of the listeners.

So guys,ready to listen to a nice story?

Do contact Priti Sudarsan here:

Ph: 9962714870

FB page

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