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Blog Love
Valentine’s Day,Blog Love

I take on the baton of Blog Love from Prateek.

Do I love my blog? Yes,I do.

Blogging is not my first love but it is trying hard to become the one.On my part,I am more than happy to encourage my blog in its attempt to become my first love.

Blogging has enabled me to acquire a lot of affectionate hearts-friends whom I would never have met had it not been for blogging.I have been able to connect with like-minded souls,express and share my thoughts with complete strangers and receive love and affection in return.The high when a total stranger comments on my blog ,well,it needs to be experienced to be understood.

My love affair with my blog started about a year ago.It started at a time when I was down and needed something to prep me up.My Blog has given me fulfillment,happiness and a purpose in life,precisely the qualities you would associate with a heartfelt love.

Right or wrong,I have been able to voice my opinion on issues I cared about.I have been able to explain,celebrate and enjoy events and festivals through my writings.I have been able to weave endearing stories that made me escape from the realms of reality.

It is not easy to maintain any relationship.Every relationship has its ups and downs.So it is with my blog also.I have struggled with self-doubts,writers blocks,rejections and what not.These days more and more relationships are withering out because they are not able to spend quality time with each other.My Blog is also a demanding lover,demanding me for my precious time.

Loving my blog for giving me joy,satisfaction and excitement.I am sure each blogger feels that way.Blogging is more than a hobby.It is a way of expressing myself and I see my blog as an extension of myself in the digital space.No wonder I love my blog.

Long live Blog Love!


I pass on the baton of Blog Love to Vivek Vasantha

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  1. We’ve all had our ups and downs – writer’s block, self doubt and in my list procrastination. I have been struggling with maintaining a regular blogging schedule but this month is looking good.
    And yes blogging helps develop beautiful relationships. Glad to have you as my blogbuddy! Keep writing! 🙂

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