Halebeedu Trip

Halebeedu Temple
Halebeedu Temple

Here is the account of my trip to Halebeedu-Belur.

We started from Bangalore at 6 o’clock in the morning.Although,we had done all the packing the previous day itself,there were still some last minute stuff to be packed.Waking up my son and getting him ready was the next big challenge.My Hubby-my driver-cum-guide? ,wanted to start early so that we can avoid traffic.Finally,we managed to hit the road around 6 a.m.

Within a few hours of travel on NH75,I could feel a tingling sensation in my stomach.Gosh!I hadn’t eaten anything.Thankfully,we stumbled upon a food court on the highway.What is more,the food court had a branch of Bangalore’s UpSouth hotel chain. We had a stomach-and-heart fulfilling Dosa there.After breakfast there,we set out again on our journey. We reached Halebeedu by around 10.30 a.m.

Halebeedu,the erstwhile capital of the Hoysala Kings,is today a small village and an archeologist’s dream. There are many ancient temples and basdis in Halebeedu.We decided to stick on to the main Hoysaleshwara Temple alone. The Hoysaleshwara Temple is a visual treat for art lovers.Each and every figurine there is carved with great precision and detail. The carvings are so delicate that the Archaeological Survey of India has put up a notice stating ‘Please do not touch the Carvings’. As per records,the temple building began in 1121 AD and took almost a century to complete.The area around the temple has a beautiful lawn maintained by the ASI(Archeological Survey of India). Once we crossed the lawn, we reached the beautiful temple.

Halebeedu Temple Carvings
Halebeedu Carvings
Halebeedu Turret Carving
Turret Carving


The temple is actually an interlinked complex of two identical temples.First is the Santhaleshwara temple and the next is the Hoysaleshwara temple.The temple is built in typical Hoysala style and there is a big Ganesha statue behind the temple.There are two huge Nandi statues to the side of the temple.The whole temple complex is filled with intricate carvings depicting incidents from the Indian epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Halebeedu Nandi
Nandi -Halebeedu

For history buffs,another place of interest is the Archeological Museum of India,situated within the temple complex itself.The museum has a rich collection of excavated sculptures and inscribed stones.

After clicking lots of pictures of the sculptures and taking the mandatory selfies,we moved out of the temple premises.We had a tender coconut at the entrance of the temple.I must admit I had never tasted such a sweet,cold tender coconut earlier.

We moved on to Belur from there.In about 40 minutes,we reached Belur. Belur was supposed to be the new capital of the Hoysalas and Halebeedu,the old capital.

More about Belur in my next post.

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