Book Review-Colorful Notions by Mohit Goyal


Book Title-Colorful Notions
Author- Mohit Goyal
Publisher- Srishti Publishers
ISBN- 978-93-82665-80-9
Available Online onAmazon

About the Book:

The book is a travel documentation detailing the escapades of three youngsters who set out to explore Indian travel destinations.As per the author- Mohit Goyal,this book is the first in the series of the trilogy of Road Trip stories.This is a story of the journey of three youngsters across the Indian heartland and into the inner confines of their hearts.The book is significant because it gives a vivid account of some of India’s famous tourist locations.The author has taken care to ensure that most regions of the country are covered. The author has also sketched out each of the three main characters in a realistic way-each having their own flaws and strengths,in addition to their shared ambition of achieving something big in life.

About the Author:

Mohit Goyal is an entrepreneur-turned-writer and mentions in his bio that with writing,he finally found his real love.Mohit considers Travel as an eternal genre.He chose to write on Travel,because, “Travel is synonymous of life, and is reflective of its ups and downs as anything could be”.

The Plot:

The three youngsters- AB(Abhay), Sasha(Shashank) and Unnati (Uns) see their road trip as an outcome of their ambition to achieve great things.In accordance to that line of thought,they give up their jobs and personal lives to embark on this journey.They list down 25 important places to cover in the journey. Their list ranges from Jim Corbett National Park in the North,to The Rann of Kutch in the West,to Kolkatta in the East and KanyaKumari in the South. List also includes the Wagah Border and Ladakh. They intend to shoot the whole journey with a handy-cam and sell it to media houses later.Story is narrated by AB, the rich guy funding the trip and owning the vehicle. AB comes from a broken family and longs for a joint family like Sasha’s. Sasha is AB’s BFF and a foodaholic who sticks on to family business because he cant think of anything else to do. Unnati is Sasha’s girlfriend. Unnati is also a radio Jockey and provides voice over for their travel videos.During the course of their journey,AB finds himself getting attracted to Unnati,his best friend’s girlfriend.His inner turmoil and what he does about it forms an interesting part of the story.

Driving ten thousand kilometers across the country gives valuable lessons about life and relationships to these youngsters.Their experiences range from the spooky to the spiritual, the adventurous to the dangerous. They take in everything in their stride in the course of their journey.

Do they complete their journey?

Does AB reunite with his mother?

What happens to AB’s infatuation with Unnati?

Do Sasha and Unnati get married?

Read the book to find the answers

On the whole,an interesting read for travel-lovers and those interested in Indian tourism.

Rating 4/5

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