Finding Mr.Right

Shwetha was a sprightly 24-year old who had a mind of her own.Career-oriented and the apple of her parents’ eyes,she had everything going for her.Her parents felt it was time for her to get married.Her friends were also getting married one by one.As for Shwetha,she was willing to think of marriage if she could find
her Mr.Right.She did have her crushes.But her crushes were only
crushes-nothing more.

Giving in to the subtle pressure from her parents,Shwetha agreed hesitantly.Shwetha was not averse to the idea of an arranged marriage,though she did have some reservations about it.Anyhow,she had not met her Mr.Right yet.So she decided to give it a try.There started the hunt for the right groom.

Shwetha’s parents made a mental list of all eligible bachelors that they know of.Her aunts and uncles also chipped in.Unfortunately,nothing seemed to work out.

After a few months of hard search,Shwetha realized the search was going nowhere.It was then that Shwetha suggested to her parents that they try for online matrimony.

Hesitant at first,her parents agreed nonetheless.A matrimonial profile was created for Shwetha in a couple of leading matrimonial sites.Every evening,once she was back from work,Shwetha and her parents would sit in front of her laptop and scroll through all eligible profiles and analyze the interest requests she received.In arranged marriages,it is just not the girl’s expectation alone that determines who is Mr.Right.So was it with Shwetha’s family also.Her father wanted to have a well-qualified groom from a decent family.Her mother hoped that the guy would earn enough to keep her little princess happy.Her younger sister wanted a Shahrukh-Khan look alike for her Didi.

Shwetha realized that it was not an easy job to find Mr.Right. Her father wasn’t favouring few matches as he felt their family backgrounds would not match.Her mother rejected a few,citing job and salary mismatches.There were a few guys,whom her parents were ok with,but somehow Shwetha did not like them.There were some others whom Shwetha and her family liked but the groom’s side was not interested.Thank God,for online matrimony,thought Shwetha.She could imagine how awkward it would be,if all these decisions were to be made face-to-face.

It was three months since she had registered on the matrimonial portal.Shwetha was losing her patience.Better stay unmarried,she thought.It was then on a fine day,she got an interest request from Pramod.Shwetha was not sure if it was love-at-first-sight but it was at least somewhere close to that.What is more,his profile found favour from both her parents,and even her younger sister. Pramod’s parents believed in horoscope matching.So Shwetha’s horoscope was sent to them.Thankfully,Pramod’s family astrologer gave a go ahead for their marriage.

Shortly,Shwetha and Pramod’s meeting was arranged at a coffee shop.They hit it off in their first meeting itself.This was followed by a series of meetings between both their families.A suitable wedding date was finalized after consultation with the Panditji.

Some of Shwetha’s friends found it strange that she found love in an arranged marriage set-up.But for Shwetha it had worked! Yes, she had agreed to marry a guy who was chosen by her family.Yet,she was only marrying a guy whom she also liked.That made all the difference.

At last,Shwetha had found her Mr.Right.


This short story is written depicting how most of the marriages are decided in modern India in recent times.Based on groom-hunting experience of most of my friends and myself.


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  1. This is a story that many will be able to relate to.Arranged marriages via matrimony sites are like this. Sweet one, Subha. Congrats on the domain and your own space. The site looks neat ๐Ÿ™‚

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