Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks Dashy for nominating me for the ‘Versatile Blogger Award’. Feels great to get my first blogger award.Awards like this propel us to blog better and bond better.

Here are the rules for this award:

The recipient is supposed to

– display the award on their blog
– Thank the person who has nominated them
– Share 7 different facts about themselves
– Nominate 15 blogs of their choice
– Link their nominees and let them know of their nomination

Ah! The first two rules were pretty simple and easy.

Coming to the third rule about stating 7 different facts about me.Let me state seven different fears I have.My fears are definitely not that strong to be classified as phobia.Still decided to go ahead with this because it was interesting to know that my teeny-weeny fears have a name.

So here goes the seven different fears I have

Agyrophobia- Dictionary defines this is the abnormal fear of crossing the streets.Abnormal? With Bangalore traffic,this fear is very much normal.There were days when I would wait to cross the road near my office,waiting for a crowd to form so that the traffic will slow down looking at the number of people waiting to cross the road.In many places in Bangalore,we literally have to hold our lives in our hands while crossing the road.No wonder I have ‘Agyrophobia’ and I bet most Bangaloreans do.

Cynophobia- Fear of Dogs.My hubby and son use this phobia to pull my leg.I once told them I can even face a tiger but not a dog.Of course,I assumed the tiger to be inside a cage in a zoo.

Obesophobia- Fear of gaining weight.I definitely don’t have a size-zero figure nor do I aspire for one.But there are times when I guiltily gulp down a few samosas or an yummy chocolate-cake.It is during these odd-times that ‘Obesophobia’ takes over.

Gephyrophobia-Fear of crossing bridges.This seems to be a general term.But I don’t fear all bridges.I feel a strange fear only when the train crosses a bridge built over a river.I keep fearing about what will happen if the bridge collapses and the train falls into the river below.

Heliophobia-Fear of the sun.Stand for a few hours on a busy Chennai road in April/May at noon.You will understand what ‘Heliophobia’ is all about.Been there,Done that.

Hyalophobia- Fear of glass.As a newly married lady entering the kitchen,I broke a few glass jars at my in-laws’ place.I avoid glass-ware as much as possible from then on.

HorrorPicturophobia– Well,there is nothing like that.I invented this term! I don’t have a fear of ghosts but I fear horror movies and ghost pictures.Couldn’t find a matching term for it.So I put a name for it myself.

Now comes the most difficult part of this post.To nominate 15 bloggers for this award.There are many whose writing I admire.To my dismay, I found that some of  my favourites are already there in Dashy’s list. Had to avoid repeating them.Collated this list after great deliberation.Of course,it is my nominees’ choice to accept it and carry it forward.It is just my way of letting these wonderful people know that I love reading their blogs.

1. Ramya Rao at
2. Reema D’Souza at
3. Deepa Gandhi at
4. Amrita Basu Mishra at
5. Mayuri Nidigallu at

6. Roma Gupta Sinha at
7. Parul Kashyap Thakur at
8. Ruchi Verma at
9. Shalini Baisiwala at
10.Stephen AK at
11.Prateek Mathur at
12.Aditi Kaushiva at
13.Vinay Ravindranath at
14.Saru Singhal at
15.Rashmi at

Thanks to Darshana (Dashy) once again for giving me this opportunity to nominate fellow bloggers for this award.
Happy Blogging until we meet again!

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