My Blogging Century

 This seems to be the time for 100s.

In these days of demonetization and currency crunch,the humble 100.Rs note has become a hero.Those who have the Rs.100 notes with them are undoubtedly richer than the ones having the Rs.2000 notes-the notes for which nobody seems to be having change.Never have I felt the importance of 100 more than now.

Here is one more reason to celebrate a Hundred-Yes.This is my 100th post!

Naturally,I am elated about it.Initially,for this century post,I wanted to list down 100 things which make me happy. I found that it was a very long post.Didn’t want to test my readers’ patience.So here comes a post on the significance of 100.

My 100th post gives me the same joy I got when I scored 100/100 in my Maths exam,

the same excitement when I saw Sachin Tendulkar score a match-winning century for the country,

the same satisfaction when an elderly relative crossed 100 years,

the same amusement when I got my first  Coffee Mug as a gift from my company,when it crossed 100 years


the same fear when I had to dial 100 to call the police once (thankfully it turned out to be an over-reaction and nothing was amiss)

While on the 100th milestone,I am also happy to note that my Twitter followers recently crossed 100
and the Number of Page views for my blog is hurtling towards 200 hundreds.

To add some more to this list,there were some more things which crossed the 100-mark in my immediate surroundings-my mother’s favourite TV Serial and the points scored by my son in his favourite mobile game.A family heirloom we possess crossed a century recently.

Unfortunately,there seems to be lots of hundreds everywhere but nothing in my wallet!

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