Life Lessons from a Rs.1000 Note

Hi Friends,

I am a 1000 Rupee note.I am today’s news maker.To give a brief intro about me-I was born in 1954 by the order of the Government of India.I was killed in 1978 and was re-born again in the year 2000.
Until now,I have been ruling the Indian money markets.That is,until yesterday night.Mr.Modi, the Prime Minister of India,killed me and my kid brother,the Rs.500 note.The massacre was done in a sudden surgical strike,holding us responsible for perpetrating black money,financial frauds and terrorism.

All along my journey,I have learnt a lot of life lessons.Would like to share them with you for supporting me all these years.

Never associate yourself with negative people.They will ultimately bring your downfall.

My reputation was tarnished when fraudsters and hoarders started stacking me.I became part of unaccounted money,pulling down the economy.For no fault of mine,I was branded the main culprit for playing havoc with the economy,in a country where there are millions of people below the poverty line.I became the mascot for economic offenses.

Life is temporary.Whether it is good or bad,it is not going to last forever.So be happy when it is good and don’t lose hope when it is bad 

I was the King of Indian currency not long ago.I enjoyed my high-profile status and the attention I received.But I was saddened at being misused by unscrupulous elements.Now both my joy and my sadness has come to an end.

If one approach fails,Try another.But Never Give Up.

Innumerable measures were taken to curb the menace of black money.None succeeded in eradicating the menace fully.I was the last pawn to be sacrificed.My withdrawal shows that to reach a goal different approaches should be tried but you should never lose sight of your goal.

What is yours today,will be somebody else’s tomorrow

This awesome quote from the Bhagavad Gita,holds true for me.My prominent position as the highest denomination currency has been snatched from me.I am worthless now.Tomorrow,the 2000-Rupees note will take my position as the highest denomination currency.Of course,I don’t regret it.My purpose is over.I wish my successor,the 2000Rupee note,’All the Best’. 

Life is less about what happens to you but more about how you react to it

I was withdrawn in 1978 as a measure to check unaccounted money.I kept my cool.Again in 2000,I was brought back to regulate the volume of bank notes in circulation.My comeback in the year 2000 was because of my confidence and resilience even when odds were against me.Now on Nov 8th 2016,I have been withdrawn again,after a gap of 38 years,for the same reason.Who knows,I might make a comeback sometime in the future,when circumstances are conducive for my return.So whatever happens around you,never lose your self-confidence.Your time will come.

On that positive note,I take leave from you.Hope my life lessons lighten up your day today and propel you forward.Wish you all the best!

Yours Truly,
1000 Rupees Note


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