The Namma Metro Ride

Final Day of Ultimate Blogging Challenge.Phew! Feels great to have blogged for 31 days continuously.
So here is the last post of this month.
Concluding with a joy ride on Bengaluru’s own ‘Namma Metro’.


It was a holiday today for Diwali.It is very rare for all three of us-my husband,my son and me to have a holiday on the same day.We hadn’t planned anything earlier.It was a last minute decision to hop on to Bangalore’s Metro Rail.

My son was the most excited.He had been in Chennai MRTS earlier.But it was first time in Bangalore.This was more sleeker.The Metro Rail was not very different from what I had seen abroad.Except that the scale of Metro operations in Bangalore is very low and just taking off.

We parked our car in Byappanahalli and got tickets to travel upto Majestic.My son was observing everything with interest-the display boards,the Kannada announcements,the automatic doors,co-passengers.He had initially refused to come saying it would be boring.I was happy that he didn’t feel that way after boarding the train.He had a good time trying to memorize the Kannada announcements on the Metro and gazing at the stations passing by.

We reached Majestic in about a little over half an hour.It was time for next ‘adventure’-if you can call it that.I was already bored shopping in East Bangalore malls and was craving for some local market shopping.Was so happy to land up in Majestic.

KG Road shopping was liberating.Loved bargaining on the streets.My son got enough toys and kiddy stuffs.For my part,I got a beautiful handbag and some small stuff.Nothing big.But it is the kind of these tidbit stuffs which give the satisfaction of shopping.

We finished it off with a nice lunch at Sukh Sagar.My son got a bit cranky about the food.Thankfully,the waiter was smart enough to get a set of extra pooris for my son.My heart was back to normal only after I saw my son empty the plate.

Back to home again.It was time for selfies.We took a few in the train and in the station.Long time since we had taken any.

It wasn’t a big planned holiday nor did we go to any exotic destination.But I was happy.What mattered was the time spent with my hubby and son.Was so happy to see my son’s expression on getting his toy and his excitement on traveling the Metro for the first time.

A ride on Namma Metro,Local Market Shopping, a sumptuous lunch completed my day today.

These are the little joys of life-the mini family outings which make your life happy and contented.

Signing off the Ultimate Blogging Challenge with a happy note on that.
Happy and Proud to be part of UBC and meeting fellow bloggers across the globe.

Written for Day 31 of Ultimate Blogging Challenge



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