The Gift He Gave

It was Rani’s birthday.She was sitting in a coffee-shop waiting for Arjun to come.
Arjun came in a few minutes.He was having a small parcel in his hand.Rani beamed seeing him.

Arjun shyly handed over the parcel to Rani and muttered ‘Happy Birthday!’. Rani’s joy knew no bounds.It was the first time she was getting a gift from Arjun- the man she loved with all her heart.
It was a MP3 Player.

Arjun asked her,’Do you like it?’

Rani nodded with smile.Actually,she didn’t need a MP3 Player.Her smartphone already had all the features.However,she didn’t have the heart to tell Arjun that.Any gift from him,even if it was just a safety pin,was good enough for her.What she saw in the gift was Arjun’s heart,not the gift item.
Arjun went away satisfied that he had made Rani happy.

Months rolled by.Arjun’s parents got to know about Rani.They opposed the relationship tooth and nail,all because Rani was from a different community.Arjun tried to convince his parents but in vain.He had no other option but to listen to his parents.

Rani was shattered.She knew that Arjun had tried his best.Although it was hard for her,she convinced herself to live a life without Arjun.She couldn’t forget him also.The only reminder of their relationship was the gift he gave her.She treasured it.

Even though she had no use for the MP3 player,Rani kept the gift close to her.Whenever she felt like talking with Arjun,she would look at the gift he gave her and imagine Arjun conversing with her.That  lessened her pain.

The gift he gave her replaced him as his sweetheart’s constant companion.


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