The Blouse Maker

This is the third interview in the series featuring women entrepreneurs.

Introducing Lakshmi Ramasamy,the artistic designer from Chennai.Lakshmi’s specialties are designer blouses.Each one of her blouses are a class of its own.

Here is an interview with her:

Let us know about who Lakshmi is

I am fascinated by a number of things and I have been passionate about Music, Dance, Craft, Designs and Patterns all through my life. Initially, I used to express my passion in the form of drawings and paintings. Later on, I started to train myself in Kuchipudi form of dancing and I started a tailoring boutique called Chlorofil Fashions. I have been running Chlorofil Fashions for the past 5 years Ė first 2 years were limited to friends and family and later on, I started a store to address the needs of the larger market.

What made you start a designer boutique?

I wasnít really happy about the way my dresses were designed a few years ago, in spite of the fact that I was spending a huge sum on it. Hence, I started designing for my own needs and I slowly extended it to my friends and family. Through word of mouth, I started getting requests from a number of people and this allowed me to set up a unit to offer services. This is how it all began and now I have a constant stream of repeat customers that help me sustain.

How many people are you employing?

I have 6 people, which includes tailors, designers, and hand embroidery professionals. I also have access to skilled professionals to whom I outsource for specific needs.

Tell us about your designer blouses

Typically, I design blouses in a custom manner depending upon the needs and likes of my customers. I design them with patterns and borders that enhances the overall look of the individual. However, the blouse types are many in numbers from various cuts to innumerable patterns and embroidery types. Some of the standard ones include Princess, Katory, Halter neck, and Boat neck.

The usual delivery times are from a couple of days to a couple of weeks, though we have delivered stuff much earlier as well based on priority. 

Sample Blouses with their Creator

What are the challenges you face?

Branding at this point is a challenge. Till date, Chlorofil Fashions has grown only through word of mouth. While this is sustainable, this hasnít allowed Chlorofil to grow at a rapid pace. I am not even sure, if that is the strategy that I should adopt and hence I am happy with where it is currently.
Do you accept out-station and overseas orders?

I have been doing this for a couple of years now. I have done work for people based out of Hong Kong, Malaysia, US, and the UK. I have been regularly designing stuff for these customers and they are repeat customers.

Give us  a peep into your other hobbies/interests

My interests include classical dance. I have been learning Kuchipudi dance for more than 5 years now and I connect with this dance form in a very spiritual way. I have done more than 20 professional programs that includes my Arangettram, Sabha program and performing at famous temples like Tirupati, Tiruvannamalai, Thanjavur Big Temple, Kabaleeswarar temple to name a few.

In addition to this, I have interest in Carnatic Music and Montessori form of education. During my free time, I play 2048 and trouble my 12 year old child.

Lakshmi’s Contact Details:

Lakshmi Ramasamy
Chlorofil Fashions
C1, Pandian Avenue
New Market Street
Chennai 600094
Ph: +91.9962442100

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