Rangoli Kolam

A Rangoli or Kolam(in Tamil) is a beautiful design drawn in Indian houses.Mostly it is the women who do the Rangoli.I have always admired some illiterate maids who draw these perfect geometric patterns without even knowing what geometry is.This poem is a tribute to them.

Colourful patterns on the floor
Drawn at the entrance near the door

For every occasion for every mood
There is always a Rangoli to include

Small dots strung together
In geometric patterns of correct measure
Sine and Cos she did combine
In a very beautiful design

Square,triangle and circle
She managed to draw without hurdle
Straight lines and tangent
She drew with exceptional talent

Beautiful designs in symmetry
Where did she learn this geometry
She drew with only her hands as tool
The lady who never went to school


Written for Day 19 of Ultimate Blogging Challenge



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