Prakash,the Terror- A very short story

It was 3.30 am.Anita and Prakash were fast asleep.Suddenly,their three-month old baby started crying,disturbing their sleep.Anita got up but was too tired even to hold the baby.She woke up Prakash.He was also equally tired after a long day’s work.But he knew he had no option.He woke up and changed the baby’s diapers and went back to sleep.

Soon it was morning.Prakash got up first.Made tea,prepared breakfast,arranged things for the maid to work,gave the baby a bath and then woke up his wife.Anita was angry that Prakash woke her up so soon.She complained about the tea,about the way he had dressed the baby…almost everything.Prakash had to listen to tons of taunts and scoldings.He heard out everything without uttering a word.Anita was a head-strong lady.Prakash just didn’t have the guts to open his mouth in front of her.It was as though there cannot be a better doormat than Prakash.He apologized for his shortcomings,hurriedly got ready and rushed to office.

As soon as he got into the office,a hush descended on his team.His sub-ordinates scurried behind their desks in fear.Nobody dared Prakash,the manager.His colleagues and team-mates had nicknamed him as ‘Prakash,the Terror’. Even his superiors would not argue much with him.

He had a couple of junior female staff working under him.They would often discuss about him in their lunchtime.One girl said to another, “Prakash is so arrogant and stubborn.I wonder how his wife manages with him at home.I really pity her”.

Prakash overheard the comment and smiled to himself.His image was safe.He was ‘Prakash,the Terror’. He resolved to himself that he would never invite any of his colleagues home lest they find out who he really was.

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