Moustache Musings

A few months back,an elderly relative in our family passed away.As a mark of respect,all male members of the family were supposed to shave their head and moustache.My husband did likewise.A few weeks later,his hair grew back but he continued shaving his moustache.

He had sported a moustache all along and it was the first time he was without one.He started getting compliments for his ‘youthful’ look. A friend commented that he was looking ten years younger!. Needless to say,my husband was beaming.

Everyday he would come back with stories about someone praising his new look.I hated the new look initially.Slowly,the hubby-without-moustache look grew on me and I pardoned him for removing his priceless possession.

Oh yes! All the Bollywood biggies have a clean-shaven face without a moustache.It is only down south cine heroes are seen with a moustache.I often wonder why the Bollywood actors have to let go of their manly moustache. Perhaps,they think it makes them more appealing and younger-looking.Somehow I feel it robs them of a macho appeal.Precisely for this very reason,I think Akshay Kumar looked great in the movies he appeared with a moustache.

Cutting the scene back to my man of the house.He decided at last,that he had enough of compliments and grew back the crop of hair above his lips.Now,I had got used to the without-moustache look.The sudden change didn’t go down well with me.Nevertheless,I kept my mouth shut.His face,his moustache,his decision.Or was it? I think he had a fear that I liked his moustache better than him.So to keep me in good humour,he grew it back.

Reflecting back,it occurred to me that moustache or no the end of the day,it didn’t matter.My hubby was mine and that was all mattered.

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