Lucky You

Is there something called Luck in this world?Does it really exist or is it just a state of mind?

You are lucky if things turn out in your favour.If they don’t,you are unlucky.There are some pessimists who feel they are always unlucky.
Nothing seems to go in the right direction for them.

There are others who do not believe in luck.But they are the ones who always seem to be lucky.These people are the ones who concentrate on their work with dedication,are alert to opportunities,have a positive frame of mind and are ready to take on risks.Luck finds its way to them.

Any aspect of life,be it personal or professional,requires effort and positive approach.There have been times when we just cannot think positively,especially when the odds are against us.We tell ourselves,’Oh no!This will not work.I am very unlucky.I wonder how the others are alone able to get this’.

Sometimes things do happen which are beyond our control.But attributing things to luck because of this,will pull down your self-confidence.If things go wrong,analyze what has caused it to go wrong.If it has happened because of your actions,accept it and try to correct yourself.If things have gone wrong inspite of your best efforts,understand that there are external factors at play.

Now the tendency comes in to attribute luck to these external factors.But the external factors could play a role only because of something you did or didn’t do.Perhaps you just didn’t realize that your actions have caused the misfortune.This is not to say that you haven’t put in your best efforts,you have.Still,the reality is that there is something which you have missed.

Research suggests that lucky people are the ones who see the opportunity amidst chaos and the ones who are prepared to take up a challenge when they get the opportunity.

Luck smiles on those who try,Luck smiles on those who think positively and luck smiles on those who prepare themselves to prepare any eventuality.

So my dear friends,wishing all Best of Luck!


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