Dont take the fun out of Diwali

Diwali the festival of lights is here again. Diwali reminds us of sweets,new clothes,crackers and time spent with family and friends.Out of this list,I see that these days there is an effort to stop the bursting of crackers on Diwali.It is becoming a fashion statement to say that I do not want to burst fire crackers this Diwali.

I am surprised that when we have so many things which are degrading the environment,we are concentrating on something which happens on only one day of the year.We still have vehicles plying on our roads with outdated emission control mechanisms.Pollution levels on roads are high owing to vehicular emission.There is enough corruption in our government system which allows such vehicles to ply unhindered.

Our lakes are rotting.Varthur lake was literally frothing.Bellandur lake was on fire.All due to effluents discharged into these lakes.There is no mechanism to bring this under control.

We still litter the streets with non-biodegradable waste.Swach Bharat Abhiyan is trying to improve the sanitary conditions but still there is a long way to go.

When such a lot of things are there to be set right,why should everybody bother only about the fireworks.Diwali is not the only day when crackers are burst.In US,people burst
crackers on Independence Day.In China also,crackers are burst on special

Saying that we must stop bursting crackers altogether,is like saying ‘Throw the child out along with the bathtub’.
We haven’t stopped driving because our vehicles emit poisonous gases.We have only improved upon emission control norms.
haven’t stopped discharging sewage because it is polluting our lakes.We
are trying to find ways for effluent disposal so that our lakes will
not be polluted.

Likewise we must find ways to use crackers which are environment-friendly.If we do not have such environment-friendly crackers,we must raise our voice to bring pollution-control measures in cracker-manufacturing process.

Then there is the question of child labour.I have heard people say
that because the manufacturing plants involve child-labour,we must
forego buying crackers.Being a mother,I am also against child labour.But
that must be a boycott against child-labour and not against crackers.

We have enough politicians and cine actors who are facing criminal charges.We don’t wince when the dishonest politician contests the election.As a democratic country,we take it for granted that the dishonest politician(invariably all are dishonest) has the right to contest the election.We are not boycotting elections because our politicians are dishonest.We try to choose the best option from whatever is available.

There are some Bollywood biggies who have been booked for all sorts of criminal charges,including poaching and drunken driving.But are we boycotting their films?No.

Where we have to put down our foot firmly,we are ambivalent.

Cracker-Manufacturing is something which can be ridden of child-labour with stringent measures.
For our part,we should insist on buying crackers which state that ‘No child labour was involved in the manufacture’.

All said and done,Wish you all a ‘Safe and Happy Diwali’


Written for Day 29 of  Ultimate Blogging Challenge


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