Book Review-The Kite Runner

I really believe a book finds its reader.This book was beckoning me from various places.At last I gave in and laid my hands on it.

The book has been published long back and also a movie has been made out of it. Somehow,got to read it only now.I must say that I was not disappointed.

Title-The Kite Runner
Author-Khaled Hosseini

A moving story about an Afghan family’s life in Kabul and later in US of A.The story goes in flashback mode,recounting life in Kabul through monarchy,Soviet occupation and the Taliban.A story of how human spirit triumphs against all odds.It gives a peek into Afghan culture,history and its ordinary people.

It is the story of a family of a wealthy merchant and the relationship with his servants.The social divide in Afghani society between the Pashtun Sunnis and the Hazara Shias is dealt with lot of understanding in this book.

The book is mainly about the journey of  Amir,the wealthy merchant’s son,from childhood in Kabul,to Peshawar and then in America.He revisits Kabul after his marriage,to atone for his past sins.

Loyalty,Betrayal,Love,Friendship,Regret,Shame,Happiness,Fear..every shade of emotion finds a place in this story.Although I must admit I did feel like the emotions were mostly on the negative side.It is definitely not a happy-go-lucky kind of novel.Probably,because it deals with the lives of the people of a war-torn country,where everyday survival is a big achievement.

Khaled views into the story many minor characters which bring out the starkness of the situation.One such character was that of a beggar Amir meets on his return to Kabul.It turns out the beggar was once teaching in an University along with his mother.

The protagonist’s relationship with the unfortunate but loyal servant forms the backbone of the story.It is a delicate and complex relationship between the two.The other parallel thread is the relationship between father and son.The way he looks up to his father as the ideal hero and the climax twist in the story is definitely a surprising element.

There were definitely a few pages in the book which were quite brutal in description.World is really cruel,especially to children,women,the meek and poor.The author deals with such scenarios without becoming melodramatic.

The book tugs at your heart for showing that humanity and goodness prevails in the face of mindless brutality.Overall a book worth reading if you are interested in serious stuff.

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