Blogging Comraderie

When I started blogging,the only aim was to take my mind off negative thoughts spinning in my mind.Blogging was the only way I could think of to let out steam.

I started penning my thoughts and connecting with my readers.I had never been active on social media before.I found pushing myself to connect with other writers and bloggers,shedding my inhibitions.

Even then,twitter bewildered me.None of my friends were there on twitter.I was wondering what I will do there.It was then I discovered Blog Chatter.

Slowly,I started getting involved with Blog Chatter activities.I started signing up for blogging challenges.
Writing posts before deadlines,uploading in the linky,posting them on social media,networking with other bloggers..I was getting pulled into the interesting world of blogging.

I befriended wonderful people via Blog buddy-people I didn’t know existed a few months back.I would never have met these wonderful friends had it not been for blogging and Blog Chatter.

There were times when I was about to give up on deadlines,about to lose hope that I could find something worthwhile to write.It was during times like these that blogger friends come to the rescue.

Leaving comments,sharing the posts,providing encouraging advice when needed,my blogging comrades have helped me a lot.

Being stuck on an island alone maybe good for an adventure story,but not for real life and not for blogging for sure.What makes blogging enjoyable is the community- the support and encouragement we receive from it.I signed up for Blog Buddy campaign for this very reason-to bond and share my thoughts and ideas with a group of friends with similar passion for blogging. I am not disappointed.Was down for the past couple of days.I got a gentle reminder to write this post today.Thanks for it.It was really a big relief to blog again.

We are BlogBusters-the name we have chosen for our group-

So here is a BIG THANK YOU to all my blog buddies and to the blogging community and my readers out there.

Written for Day 26 of Ultimate Blogging Challenge



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