Are you emotionally sensitive?

Are you the type who cries when seeing an emotional scene in a movie? Then this post is for you.

Take heart.You are not alone.I am one of them.My husband has a gala time pulling my leg on this ‘foolish’ habit of mine.He enjoys teasing me while I wipe my tears shamefacedly for having cried for a stupid movie scene.I just cant stop the tears,especially the Maa-beta scenes or the bhai-bhai scenes.I suppose Bollywood has a tear-jerker formula especially for people like me.

It is not just the movies alone.A book with a moving ending or even real-life situations have the potential to bring tears to the eyes of sensitive individuals.Their hearts melt at the suffering they see.

The upside of being emotionally sensitive:
Normal people sympathize with those in trouble.Emotional people are able to go beyond mere sympathy and are able to empathize with others in a more holistic manner. If you are down and need a friend to hear you out,choose an emotionally sensitive friend to pour out your heart.You will come back feeling better.They listen and understand your woes.They are able to put themselves in your shoes and offer comfort and solace.

The beauty of emotionally sensitive people is that they can understand the woes of others without them having to speak it out.Emotionally sensitive people think twice before saying something that will hurt others.They see others as their own and take care to be kind to others.

The downside of being emotionally sensitive:
Of course,every trait has its downside as well.It is the same with emotionally sensitive people also.Sensitive people get hurt easily.Just as they take care not to hurt others,they expect others also to care about their feelings.They cant stand harsh words or rude behaviour.They give kindness and expect the same in return.

Unfortunately,that is not the case in real life.There are people who are mean enough to think that they don’t
need any kind of understanding or affection and is ok to hurt as long as
the other person doesn’t hold any value for them.Then there are others who are just not sensitive enough to understand that their words hurt.Both these type of people end up hurting the emotionally sensitive people.

Emotionally sensitive people find it difficult to come out of the hurt inflicted on them.The feelings run deep.They don’t take things lightly.Just as they don’t forget to show gratitude for the good done to them,they also don’t forget the insult heaped upon them.

Sensitive people also do not come out of depression easily.Hurt and failure make them wallow in sadness for quite a long period of time.

Balance your emotions:
The key lies in being able to control your emotions.

  • Being emotionally sensitive makes you what you are.So don’t feel ashamed to show out your emotions
  • It is a sign of strength that you are able to show empathy.It is something to feel good about 
  • Dont lose sight of the fact that being emotionally sensitive,allows you
    to look at the world from a different perspective of kindness and
    love.Treasure it.
  • While it is good to be sensitive to others’ plight,make sure that people don’t misuse your kindness.
  • If hurt, don’t keep on harping over it.Divert your thoughts and come to terms with the fact that not everybody you meet is going to be a kind-hearted soul


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