The Weekend Mirage

It is the beginning of a new week after a long weekend.
How did your weekend go.Most of us would have spent the weekend celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi.
So now it is time to go back to work.Ah! the Sighs!

How does your normal weekend work out to be?
Have you tried asking someone what their weekend plans are?
I bet you have.And probably,you have planned something for yourself too.

For many working women,weekend is the time for all personal work to be done.Personal errands,shopping,visits to cannot-be-avoided places,laundry,sometimes vegetable cutting for the next week-everything is cramped into those two precious days.To top it all,schools these days schedule homework and assignments for the weekend so that working parents can sit with their kids for their homework.Kids have their extra-curricular activities also during the weekend and it becomes the responsibility of the parents to pick up/drop the kids for these classes.

Thanks to online shopping portals,the weekend visits to malls have come down drastically.Once in a while,though,we cant avoid it and have to go out for buying some essential stuff.

Occasionally,a visit to a movie or some event scheduled on a weekend comes as a welcome relief.But a visit like this,takes almost half the day and puts a break on other activities.We have to stress out during the weekend also to finish the piled up activities.

Added to this,if you have guests or some function on the weekend,well,forget your weekend.The chores of washing,cleaning after the function is one thing.The time spent for the function robs you of the time you would have otherwise utilized for doing your personal work.So that puts extra strain on you to complete the unfinished work.No,I am not saying you should avoid functions or socializing.I would definitely love to have celebrations at my place.But we have to do enough planning and allot time to finish the essential personal work too.

All this is if your work project is having a good work-life balance.If not,if your boss is the kind of guy who wants you to stretch and work on weekend also,citing client pressure and impossible deadlines,your life is gone.There is no concept called weekends for you.

Looking at all this,sometimes I feel that weekdays are more relaxing than weekends.

So how do you usually spend your weekend?Share your views here.

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