The Power of Prayers

Do you pray?Most of us do.Especially when we are in trouble or when we are down.When nobody or nothing seems to be the solution,except divine intervention.

God does answer fervent prayers.More so,when people pray en masse,the collective prayers work wonders.Temples and other places of worship are meant for such collective prayers.I have seen groups of ladies singing Sai bhajans or Vishnu Sahasranamam in nearby temples.Such collective prayers create positive vibes and help to maintain peace and harmony,first within oneself and then within the society.
Society is nothing but an extension of the individual self.When the positive vibes from prayers emerge from individuals and mingle,it creates a soothing positive atmosphere in the immediate surroundings too.Ultimately,this augurs well for the society as a whole.

Do not look at prayers as something to be done only when in trouble.Pray daily,even if it is for a few minutes.A simple prayer in the morning to the Lord Almighty to keep you and your family hale and hearty throughout the day.In the night,spend a few minutes to thank the God for a wonderful day.Thats it.In this way,each day of your life is safe and secure.Your days make up your life and so your life too becomes safe and secure.

If you are an atheist and think that prayers are not for you-think again.

What is a prayer?

A prayer is just a sincere,positive wish.

While praying,you are awakening the positive power of your thoughts and orienting your inner mind towards hope and happiness.Belief in God is only an incentive to stroke the power of positivity within you.Sincere prayers make you feel positive and those thoughts in turn,translate into positive words and actions.

Never has a sincere prayer gone unanswered.It may take time but it does happen at some point of time.So never give up.Whatever be your wish,keep praying.Keep believing in the positive energy that permeates this universe-those vibes of goodness which reside in you and me and within each soul in this universe.It is these positive vibes which get stroked when praying.The positive vibes of your inner self resonates with the external positive vibes of the universe to grant your prayers.

This all-pervasive positive energy is what we call God.People in different parts of the world call it with different names.Sending a prayer to this Supreme Being is a positive wish one makes for oneself,invoking the omnipresent positive energy in this process.

So believe in God.Believe in your own spirituality.Believe in the power of your prayers.Your life will be blessed with happiness,peace and prosperity.

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