Icecream Fantasies

The ice-cream shop at the entrance of the mall was filled with people.Some had come with their families,with kids in tow.Some were lovers,enjoying their ice-creams as much as they enjoyed each other’s company.The kids were running around the shop,causing havoc.Waiters had a tough time bringing the ice-creams to the table,always keeping an eye on the boisterous kids.

What is it with ice-creams that attracts the young and the old alike.

In my younger days,we didn’t have these many brands.Quality was the only brand I remember from my childhood.Then came Arun and Amul ice-creams.Slowly,international brands began to make their presence felt.

In those days,only golas,kulfis and the usual ice-cream flavours like vanilla,chocolate and mango were available.Now you visit any ice-cream parlour in a metro,you get so many flavours and varieties.Some of the flavours will make you feel like,’hey,we never thought we can make ice-creams with this flavour’.

I was one of those kids who constantly had cold and cough,thanks to a sinus problem.This severely limited my intake of those delicious ice-creams.I would always gaze at the cone ice-creams with a heart-felt longing and look with envy at the kids who were having mouthfuls of those delicious cones.
Somehow,these days I am no longer able to control myself.Added to that,my son’s constant demands for ice-creams has vetted my appetite too.He makes it a point to ask for ice-cream bribes whenever I want him to do something.

One of my favourite ice-cream destinations is Baskin-Robbins outlet in my office campus.I drool at the varieties they offer.It is a bit on the expensive side,but still cant skip it,especially when hanging out for team lunches.
Then there is a local ice-cream vendor who supplies tasty kulfies(pista and badam flavours),again inside the tech-park premises.The kulfies are easy on the pocket and yummy too.
Cant stop from mentioning Corner-House,situated in my neighbourhood.Wow,the ice-creams with the hot-chocolate syrup and top-ups!Makes my mouth water!
The Natural kiosk takes the pride of place for innovative flavours.They even had a tender-coconut ice-cream!.

Ice-cream flavours these days are so varied-You think of any fruit,and there is an ice-cream with that flavour.Then you have the vanilla,chocolate,tutty-fruity and butter-scotch varieties.Also the quantity and container matter.Single scoop,double scoop,cone,cup or on a stick.
Brands also matter.You can get local varieties for cheaper rates and branded,hyped ones at higher rates.Sometimes I feel that the over-priced ones are difficult to finish in one go.I once got a Magnum ice-cream bar for my young son and he found it difficult to finish it fully.Quantity-wise it was more than what kids can gulp down.

Nonetheless,ice-creams remain an all-time favourite.Ignoring the complaints of concerned mothers about kids catching cold and all those stuff,you just cannot resist devouring an ice-cream when you see it.Forget about catching cold,forget about those extra calories..simply think about enjoying your life.After all,you have only one life.

Enjoy your ice-cream.Enjoy your day.Enjoy your life!
Let the sweetness and happiness of having an ice-cream permeate your thoughts and life.
So,go out and satisfy your ice-cream fantasies today!
And tell me which is your favourite ice-cream flavour.

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