Ganesh Chaturthi Shopping

Started Shopping for Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja? If not,start soon.
Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the festivals that is celebrated with pomp and splendour throughout India.Ganesha,the favourite Hindu God,the bestower of prosperity and happiness,the remover of obstacles is venerated with fervour and affection on this day.

The local markets are a sight to behold on the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi.It is a riot of colours literally.
The market place is filled with Ganesha idols of various colours,sizes and shapes.People tend to show their innovativeness in making Ganesha idols of various types.Sleeping Ganesha,Standing Ganesha,Dancing Ganesha…I even saw a Ganesha idol with a cellphone.Due to increased environmental awareness,there are less of Plaster of Paris Ganesha idols these days.Most of them are clay idols,which can be submerged in water bodies without polluting them.While the street-corner Ganesha committees and auto-stands vie with one another to put up the biggest Ganesha pandal,there are umpteen households who settle for small idols to do pooja at home.

In addition to the Ganesha idols,the markets are filled with myriad flowers,banana plants,different varieties of wild fruits and berries,leaves and grass varieties…all to be offered to the adorable elephant headed God.We also have a variety of colourful paper and thread umbrellas to be placed above the small Ganesha idols.

Of particular significance is the erukkam poo(crown flower- scientific name- calotropis gigantea) garland to be hung around the idol of Ganesha idol.The clay Ganesha’s eyes are brought alive by placing the seeds of  crab’s eye plant on it.

Next item on the shopping list is the banana plant.Actually it is a pair of small banana plants.These plants are to be placed on either side of the mandap where the Ganesh idol is to be kept.

A variety of fruits are bought as offerings for the Lord.Although there is no hard and fast rule regarding the number or types of fruits to be offered,there are some typical fruits which are considered as favourites for Ganesh.These are custard apple and wood apple.Other favourites are coconut,banana,guava,Indian julips,pomegranate and pine apple.

In Karnataka,Ganesh idols are sold along with Gowri idols as the next day after Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated as Gowri Habba,to please the Goddess Gowri,Ganesha’s mother. While buying the Ganesha idol,ask the shopkeeper for some extra clay to place behind the idol.You can make the umbrella stand on this extra clay.

Things to shop for Ganesh Chaturthi:

1.Ganesha Idol
2.Gowri Idol(outside Karnataka this is not common)
3.Ganesha umbrella
4.Pair of Plantain plants
5.Crown flower (Erukkam poo) garland
6.Flowers-Rose,Jasmine,Chrysanthemum and/or marigold
8.Fruits-Custard apple,Wood apple,grapes,banana,pineapple,pomegranate,guava etc
10.Different varieties of leaves and wild berries
11.Bermuda Grass(arugampul in Tamil and garike hullu in Kannada)
12.Betel Leaves

So now go..start your shopping to welcome Ganesha home.

Ganpathi Bappa Moriya!!

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