Book Review-The Calling By Priya Kumar

Got to review this book on request.Was happy to review this work which deals with every individual’s quest to find his/her own true self.There was a  hand-written note from the author along with the book.The note itself had enough inspirational words packed into it.

The book is also available on Amazon

So here is the review.

About the Book:

The book cover reads- ‘The Calling’ -Unleash Your True Self.True to its tag,the book is highly motivational and carries a message to unleash your inner potential.An inspirational and thought provoking book.This one is for those who like to read motivational stuff.

About the Author:

Priya Kumar is a motivational speaker and a corporate trainer.She is the best selling author of  “I Am Another You” and “License to Live”. You can get more details about her here:

Story line and Review:

The story is about a corporate honcho who feels he has lost the purpose of life and goes to the Himalayas in search of an answer.This story outline reminds me of ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’. But the comparison stops at that.

The protagonist is much like any one of us-down with relationship
issues and career frustrations.Priya Kumar,through this character’s
journey,tries to give a way out of the misery,by offering some practical
suggestions to deal with your surroundings and yourself.

The protagonist’s journey in the Himalayas to reach Hemkund Sahib is captured in detail.His near-death experiences,his hesitation to undertake Sadhana,his realizations while taking the tests the Sadhu gives him..each is a step towards his journey to find his true calling.

Each character is etched clearly.Each person Arjun comes across helps
to carry the story forward.Every episode in the story helps to build up
the path that Arjun takes towards achieving Sadhana.Even an inanimate
object like a stone seemed to have a significance in the story.

Of particular interest is the character of Chandu,his transporter.The character is witty,mysterious and exudes warmth at the same time.People of the mountains have a strange relationship with the hills in which they reside.This aspect is shown clearly via Chandu’s character.

Though the Sadhu coaxes Arjun to take up Sadhana,it looks like Arjun is terrified of sitting on a stone for years,without doing nothing.The concept of Sadhana seems a bit vague.The way his Sadhana ends also looks a bit abrupt.

The best part of the book is the three tests Arjun,the protagonist
takes.Through each test,Priya Kumar conveys a life lesson- a lesson to
be learnt and followed to improve our lives.The concepts conveyed in the book through these tests are the ones which successful people follow.These are the ones the reader also learns via Arjun’s character.Instead of lecturing on what to do to be successful,Priya Kumar has cleverly depicted the success mantras in the form of simple test results.The simplicity with which the concepts are explained in the form of incidents relating to Arjun’s tests is awesome.
To explain these concepts,the author brings in a bit of mysticism,Himalayan Sadhus and a battered soul in the form of Arjun. Just as Arjun understands his purpose in life,the reader also gets a hang of some important ingredients for success in life.In the process,the reader can make an attempt to understand his/her own purpose in life.

The book conveys a  strong message to stop complaining and to take charge so that the real purpose of life is achieved.A good read for those who are looking for answers to overcome the challenges in life.

Rating : 4/5

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