‘Trust takes years to build,seconds to break and forever to repair’.

I have been lucky to have grown up in a good school atmosphere where values where stressed upon.I particularly remember a prayer session before our board exams.The invigilators had come and our principal,Miss.Jeejibai Edward came to address us.She said something like this-I heard the invigilators are good.And when people are good,we should not take undue advantage of them.For if we do,they will stop being good to us’. She summed up in those few sentences what it means to keep up trust and what happens when you fail it. It is an advice that has remained with me lifelong.Likewise,we also need to teach our children the importance of trust from an early age.

Trust forms the basis of any relationship,be it personal or professional.Families break when trust is broken and organizations collapse when trust is broken.

When you have to Trust:
There is always the danger of trusting the wrong person.There is also the possibility that the person whom you trust breaks it unintentionally.It will hurt and irritate you when your trust is broken.Look at the circumstances which caused it.If genuine reasons are there,prepare to forgive that person.If the person has a crooked mind and doesn’t give a damn about breaking your trust,just get away from this toxic person.Trust in God and do the right.I believe in Karma.God knows when to punish the wrong doers.So do not worry about them.

When you have to maintain somebody’s Trust: 
As children,parents,relatives,friends,employees and as citizens,we all have to maintain the trust that comes associated with each of our roles.Breaking the trust of the person who trusts you,is the worse thing that you can do.Never stoop to that level.Listen to your conscience and do the right thing.We all want to be happy.Happiness comes from good relationships and good relationships are always built on mutual trust and understanding.

Remember to:

Trust in God
Do not break the trust of those who have reposed faith in you


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