Sheroes Summit 2016 Bangalore

First time took part in Sheroes Summit Bangalore.Summit was held at The Lalit Ashok.Thanks to Blogadda for providing me this opportunity.It was a really inspiring experience.

It was a long time since I have been in an all-female gathering.Having studies in a girls-only school,I sometimes really yearned for such company in later life.In most of the times I have worked,I have found myself to be the only lady in the team.So Sheroes Summit was really a welcome change.

It was an awesome event to say the least.Even the ads were sticking to the team.Loved the Llyods Washing Machine ad about sharing the load.Shreya Krishnan did an awesome job of compering the event,right from the start.She even gave a belly dance demo to lift up the spirits!. Shreya was cool and confidence-personified throughout the event.

Summit started with Harsha Kumar’s interview about her stint with Ola.She was cool enough to answer difficult questions from the audience. Harsha is an example of what women can achieve if they really put their hearts and souls into their careers.

We then had an eminent panel comprising of Sampad Swain from Instamojo,Sakshi Vij from Myles,Dhanya Rajendran from News Minute,Srivatsan Chari from Clear Tax and Kavita Chowkimane from Portea discussing about the future of work culture in India and how women can adapt to it and get benefited from it.

The CXO Panel’s discussion on women and work-life balance was equally insightful.The CXO panelists- Amit Somani of Prime Ventures,Saroja Yeramilli from Melorra, Anita Kakar of Lloyd Group and Narendra Bhandari of Microsoft India were very forthcoming about their experiences and the challenges they faced.

One of the most interesting programs of the Summit was the pitching by women entrepreneurs,Hemalatha of 49 to 499   and Anusha from Smoodies, a beverage start-up.Both the start-ups looked promising.

Another highlight of the program was the dance therapy session by Ranjani.It was refreshing to note that dance can be used as a therapy for traumatized patients.She made the entire audience groove to her music as a demo session for dance therapy.It was rejuvenating to say the least.

Last but not the least,Vatsala from Bindi Bottoms,presented the stories of some extraordinary women across India..women who appear to lead very ordinary lives but have extraordinary stories within them.It was really a very commendable initiative.

All in all,the speakers and the crowd at the Summit echoed the theme of  Work-Life-Bank Balance for women professionals in a very convincing way.

Meeting fellow bloggers RamyaRao,VidyaSury and Shylaja Vishwanth was the icing on the cake.In addition,I also happened to meet a couple of my ex-colleagues and friends among the audience.It was a happy get-together after a long time.

One of the main attractions at the Summit was the Opportunities desk.I could see many of the attendees swarming the desk.Good to know that there are many ladies who want to come back to work after a career break.Still more better to know that there are many companies willing to take in such women employees.A special note of appreciation to Sheroes and Sairee Chahal for enabling the change.

I left the Summit inspired,motivated and enchanted.I felt more confident about my ability to manage my career and family.Felt wiser from the collective wisdom received at the Summit from a multitude of women achievers.This,I think is the main take-away from the Sheroes Summit.
Hope to see more such summits from Sheroes in the future.

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