Beautiful dialogue about sadness:
There is a beautiful dialogue from an old film when a lady narrates about sad events in her life.She says,‘I failed in my board exams when I was sixteen.I felt sad and thought that it was the biggest sad event in my life.A few days later,my mom passed away.At that time,I realized that my exam results were not as worthy of grieving as my mother’s death.

I feel this sums up what sadness is all about.It is how we perceive things.

We can choose to be happy or sad,no matter what the circumstance is.

All of us have faced some circumstance which makes our enthusiasm to go down.Remaining in the same mentality and mulling over what happened aggravates the sadness.
Choose to be happy.
Choose to make others around you also happy.

Bury your hurts deep within.Remain happy as if nothing happened.
After all,you control your emotions.
Do not let someone else do that for you.

Here is a beautiful quote for that:


So let there be no more sadness.Let happiness alone fill everyone’s life.


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