Today is Raksha Bandana-a day for celebrating sibling love. Sisters tie lovely ‘rakhis’ around the wrists of their brothers and get gifts in return.It is a very beautiful festival.I wonder if there is any other festival in the world which celebrates the affection between a brother and sister.

I envy those who have a brother.I have never had one of my own.It was a matter of great grief for me especially in my school days.Most of my friends had brothers.I didn’t.I really longed for one those days.Big brothers who would help their little sisters with project work,kid brothers who would trouble their sisters to no end..hmm..consider yourself lucky if you have a brother.

In Indian family set-up,there is always some cousin who fills in the shoes of a brother.So no worries on that.I am no exception.But the absence of a real brother,a soul with whom I could have grown up,is always a nagging feeling.

As I grew up,I learnt to accept the fact that I have to do without a brother.In some ways,I think it made me the independent woman I am today.I learnt not to look over my shoulder for someone to come and help me out.Good or Bad,I have to face life by myself.

Anyways,who doesn’t want a bit more of help and affection in their lives?
It is not necessary that a person has to be related by blood to be a
brother.Any guy who shows real affection,concern and care can be a
brother.Believe me,the world is not lacking in such people.

There were times when I have received good advice,help and affection from some real gentlemen-some of my good friends,classmates and my colleagues.I wouldn’t hesitate to think of at least a few of them as my Rakhi brothers.Today,I have lost touch with many of them.Wherever they are,I would like to wish all of them a Happy Raksha Bandhan today.

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