‘Aathirakaranuku arivu mattu’ goes the Tamil saying.It means that the angry man’s intellect is low.
It is true that our senses are at a low when we are angry.We become incapable of any rational thinking.

What causes Anger?
Anger arises because of a sense of insecurity caused by hurt.When things do not turn out the way we expect them to,we become angry.Irritation at not getting the expected results,manifests itself as anger.

What do we do when we get angry?
Anger causes us to lose our senses.The words we utter when we are angry come out from our mouth without any reason.Words once uttered can never be taken back.When we are normal we think twice before saying something that hurts another person’s feeling.But when angry,reason is lost and we don’t think before saying something hurtful.Once anger subsides,we may regret what we have said.But the damage is already done.

How does anger affect us?
Frequent bouts of anger affects mental peace and may affect mental and physical health.Anger also affects the atmosphere .at home or office,where you show your anger.It makes the lives of others also miserable.The affected people may not look at you with the same affection after you have hurt them badly.This is not a good situation to find yourself in,unless you are a moron who doesn’t bother about others’ feelings.Let us assume that most of us are reasonable people and don’t want to risk a relationship unnecessarily.In that case,it becomes all the more necessary to control our anger.

How to control anger?

  • Divert your thoughts elsewhere when angry.Say,listen to soothing music or chant some slokas.
  • Walk away from the place 
  • Think twice before saying something when angry
  • Drink two glasses of water

There is no hard and fast rule to control anger.Try out ways which suit you.

There is a story about Vishwamitra which goes thus- Vishwamitra
had become a ‘Rajarishi’ but still could not become a ‘Brahmarishi’-the
ultimate position of a sage,just because he found it difficult to
control his anger.Once he learnt to control his anger,he attained the
position of ‘Brahmarishi’.

Remember Vishwamitra’s story.Think of all that you could achieve if you have your temper under check.Practice temper control.As with other things,controlling temper also comes with practice.
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