A New Chapter

How often have you failed?Most of us would answer ,’Many Times’.

Failed in what?


Could be anything.

Again,for most of us,the answer is ‘Everything’.

Only,the degree and number of times of failure is different.

For the outside world,though,unless it is very apparent,our failure will not be visible.

Failure almost always brings in a lot of dejection,heartburn and frustration.Failure doesnt happen only once.It happens multiple times in multiple stages of our life and in multiple spheres of our life.

How do we come out of it?

Thinking about what went wrong pulls us down and doesn’t let us concentrate on what needs to be done in future.Pondering constantly about the past,makes you live in the past alone and as a result you end up losing the present too.Losing the present affects the future prospects too.

A relationship gone awry,a business startup failed miserably anything is cause enough for worry.Not only failures,any unsavory incident from the past,the loss of loved ones.Even events which happened out of your control and those which had an unfavourable effect on you may make you feel as though you have lost lot of things in life.These events may not be the result of your actions or maybe the result of your unsuspecting actions.Both ways,you have lost.

So what?

There is not a single person in this world who has never lost.Look Ahead.Think only about what needs to be henceforth.Take lessons from what happened but do not ponder about it constantly.Take it as a stepping stone and derive your strength from it.

What has happened is a closed chapter.It is a finished episode with the passage of time.Do not dwell in it forever.Start a fresh chapter.The fresh chapter is laden with promise and hope.Work on the new chapter as though the depressing,old one never happened.Work on the new one as though it is your first one.Look at the new chapter in your life as though it is your life saver and approach it with enthusiasm.

When you apply enthusiasm to your life,even the most mundane chapter in your life starts to hold promise.So hold on to the promise and look ahead.

If you have past chapters filled with tears,forget those closed chapters in your life.Think only of starting the next chapter- the one which is beset with hope,joy and promise.

Remember, that “You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one”.


Written for #Friday Reflections prompt

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