The remote fights

Who gets to hold the TV remote in your house?
I guess that speaks a lot about who is enjoying the most in your house.

In our house,it is the sole prerogative of my son to hold the remote.By virtue of which the whole family gets to watch Pokemon,Doreamon and the likes of it.
I have found myself the odd one out in office tea-time discussions when colleagues talk about Big Boss or some other popular TV program.I have no clue about all that.
The only programs I get to watch on TV are Chota Bheem and Doreamon series.And I am an expert about these TV shows.I have watched almost all Chota Bheem and Doreamon episodes.

Evenings it is mostly my hubby who holds the remote.Mostly NDTV or CNN.And during these times,father and son sometimes fight for the remote.It becomes a tussle between Arnab Goswami and Chota Bheem.Needless to say,Chota Bheem wins.As always!

Being a working woman,I don’t have time to sit and watch the TV serials in the afternoons.Mostly my mil uses that time to watch the soaps.My MIL and mom bribe my son occasionally so that he doesn’t disturb them while watching their favorite soaps.

His TV addiction  has surely come down a lot after he started concentrating on sports.But still a long
way to go.And longer way to go for avoiding the remote fights.

On the whole,I never get to watch any television programs of my choice.To overcome this problem,I started watching news and films on the net.Staying for more time on the net,pulled me into blogging slowly.TV is an idiot box.It nullifies any imagination or creativity you have.Blogging saved me from indulging in remote fights and thus saved me from the influence of the idiot box also.

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