Of Hot and Cold

Cool and Cold are synonyms in the English dictionary.So are Hot and Warm.Hot and Cold are antonyms as per the Dictionary.But are they? .It is really a wonder how two closely related words and can have such diverse meanings.
Describing a person as ‘He is a cool dude’ implies that the person is easy-going,friendly and approachable.Everybody likes to hang around cool guys.And if a person is angry unreasonably,we find ourselves telling them,’Hey,cool down yaar.It is no big deal’. Here ‘cool’ means you are asking the particular person to shed their animosity and take things lightly.

On the other hand,think of someone who doesn’t have a cheery disposition.We invariable label them as being ‘too cold’. The term cold-shouldering also denotes the same feeling.You are ignoring someone purposefully and making them feel unwanted.

What a difference between being ‘cool’ and being ‘cold’!. Do they appear like they are synonyms now? .Same applies for Hot and Warm.Hot and Warm are also synonyms.But do they mean the same?

When you talk of some ‘Hot Model’ what you are trying to say is that the model looks sexy,appealing and what not.But when you talk of your mother you invariably mention,’Mother has a warm smile’.
Who says that hot and warm mean the same?

And Hot and Cold are supposed to be antonyms.And so are Warm and Cool.

However,Warm and Cool have a feel-good quality about them and describe a likable personality of a person.Whereas Hot and Cold denote the not so- favourable characteristics of a person.

So now do synonyms really mean the same?Do antonyms mean opposites?. Points to ponder here.

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