My Husband’s New Mobile

What it is with men and their gadgets?Sigh!

My husband’s old phone had stopped functioning all of a sudden.He had to upgrade to a new one urgently.These days living without a phone is as good as dead.Your work and life do not seem to move forward if you do not have a phone in your hand.

Mind you,this was the fourth smartphone that he was replacing.So the search started for the fifth one now.All online shopping portals were analyzed with devotional frenzy,just to zero in on the latest model.Prices,Specifications,Memory,Extra Features..every minute detail was analyzed in depth.
About a week of intense search later,my husband settled on a Moto G 4G+. He ordered it online,elated at having found the latest model at a cheaper price.

Then the wait started for the phone to arrive.Each evening,he would come back from office and ask,’Has the phone arrived?’. This was the first question he would ask as soon as he walked in.No enquiry about anything else at home.This went on for a couple of days until the phone arrived.

Then started another ordeal.My husband was obsessed with the new phone.He wanted to explore all the features in it.He was analyzing it bit by bit,…no …app by app.So much so that he didn’t even talk properly to anybody at home for a couple of days.I felt that this feeling was something similar to the excitement that kids experience when they see a new toy.

We had to go out one evening for some function.Usually my husband is a stickler on maintaining the timings.He looks down upon anyone who is not punctual.That day,I was late from office and risked going late to the function.My husband had come early from work.I was sure that I will have to face fireworks for my late coming.But No.Nothing happened.Not a word,not a murmur.Hmm?

Surprised,I checked to see what was wrong.It was then that I noticed that my husband was fully engrossed with his new phone.His fascination for the smartphone was so intense that he had failed to notice that I was late.God bless the smartphone!

I couldn’t help pulling his leg about his obsession with his new phone.He countered me saying that he was looking after the new phone like how he would look after a new wife.I disagree.I didn’t receive this kind of attention even when I was a new wife!

So the phone saga continued for some more days till the phone lost its ‘New Phone’ status.And then,it was BAU-Business As Usual,to put it in Corporate terms.But the few days it lasted,we had a strange atmosphere at home- fueled by excitement and curiosity about the new arrival.

I suppose such incidents happen to pep our otherwise static life and make us realise the happiness we get in enjoying the small things in life.

So do you have a story about any new gadget you got? Share it in your comments here.


Written for Day 4 of  Write Tribe Festival of Words #5

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