Movie Review-Kabali


My first movie review.Starting with a bang-with none other than the Superstar.

Instructions to be adhered to before entering the theater:

1.Dont go in with the hype clouding your mind-It might disappoint you
2.Dont think too much about logic-After all it is a commercial movie with a larger than life star in it.Just enjoy it
3.Dont expect the usual Rajni stuff

Story line -Coming to the movie,most of the story is set in Malaysia and gang wars,with a Chinese guy playing the main villain.There are some interesting twists in the story,especially with relation to Rajni’s wife and daughter characters.It is supposed to be a story on the plight of Malaysian Tamils.

First the Positives:

1.Rajni-the one word is enough.He is the reason we are talking about the movie
2.Rajni’s acting-He shines in the scenes where he goes searching for his wife.Loved it
3.Beautiful characterizations- Especially the minor characters in the story.One of Rajni films where the smaller,younger actors also get to show their talent.Good Performance by the younger brigade.
4.Some dialogues-Especially when he explains why he always appears well dressed.And his take on why Ambedkar wore a suit while Gandhi wore a dhoti
5.When the bad guy mocks Rajni for his lowly origins,I half expected someone to say that he actually belongs to some royal family and got exchanged or something like that.(Effect of watching many masala films!) .Thankfully,nothing like that happens and Rajni gives a sermon on rising up in life.Good!
5.Climax-First time seeing a Rajni film with an open climax


1.Could have been more racy with better screenplay.
2.Rajni’s style and aura could have been encashed on a bit more
3.Even though dialogues were good,it gave a kind of preachy outlook to the film
4.Setting is 90% in Malaysia.Would have preferred more of an India-based story
5.They could have shown lesser violence.Perhaps,this being a gangster movie,I guess they couldn’t avoid it

On the whole,it is not a bad movie.But definitely,not the usual Rajni fare.There is an underlying message of rise of the underprivileged class throughout the movie.After a long time seeing a movie in which his acting is given more scope than his style.Can watch it once.At least for Rajni!



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