Memories of my Summer Holidays

Summer holidays are the best part of school life.All of us have enjoyed the free time we got every year at the end of the academic year. Free from class tests,unit tests,monthly tests,annual exams and what not.

These days children do not have any free time even during the summer holidays.They either sit in front of the TV most of the days,watching one cartoon after another or are packed off to summer camps.In addition they also have lots of mobile based games which they keep playing all day,counting the levels they progressed in the game.In spite of having all these forms of entertainment,children still complain of boredom.

Well,thinking about my own childhood.I never complained of boredom during my summer holidays.I didn’t go to any summer camp,didn’t have games on iphones or ipads,didn’t have these many cartoon programs on TV,but still I didn’t get bored.I tried to recollect what I did when I was a kid.

Summer holidays invariably remind me of mangoes-the King of
fruits.There were lots of mango trees in our backyard.Most of my time
was spent on plucking them straight from the trees and devouring them in
no time.Now when I have to purchase mangoes from malls,I am filled with
regret for the lost mangoes of my childhood.

When I wasn’t eating mangoes,I spent time talking with my family and friends.Especially with my grandmother,who recounted stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata.Other than that,my time was spent on books.I used to read a lot during those days.And I didn’t have any restriction on what language books I read.I read both English and local language books and magazines.

Not to mention the lazy afternoons and sparkling evenings I had with my friends.There were not many kids in the area I grew up.But the ones who were there,we bonded well together.We played all sorts of indoor and outdoor games.

What I find most lacking in kids these days is the carefree abandon we had in our childhood days.They always have something or the other to do.TV programs,coaching classes and what not.Very little free time.And they seem to have adopted to that kind of lifestyle.They get bored easily if they don’t have TV or summer camps.We didn’t have any of these but still we enjoyed our time,exploring the neighborhood and chatting up with our neighbors,family and friends.

And most of us staying in apartments,the joy of climbing trees or plucking fruits from it is lost.It is a rare sight to see children do anything with trees these days.And books.When so much variety is there in cartoon serials on TV,who has the patience to sit and read a book.Feels sad to see all this.

Who knows what kind of changes we will see in future.Perhaps,our next generation would write a similar essay and say how their children are missing out all the fun they had in their childhood.They might eulogize about their summer camps and favorite TV cartoons!

I am sure all of you have had fond memories of your summer holidays.Why not share it here.We can have an enjoyable discussion.


Written as part of Day 3 of ‘Write Tribe Festival of Words #5′

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