Heal the World-With Music

What better way to heal the world than with music?

There is no denying the fact that music is an universal language.It stirs the soul and melts the heart.

Even though the appeal of music is universal,there are distinct genres in music,distinguished by place of origin and era.

Various forms of music are identified by cultures and geographies.We have
Brazilian music,Arabic music,English classics,Latin music,Japanese music
and of course,our own Indian classical streams and Bollywood music.Even within India,every region has its own local variations in music.Each
has its own distinct style and allure.

Each generation has its own music.If you are a Hindi music lover,probably your grandfather and father listened to Naushad and R.D.Burman while you are listening to A.R.Rahman today.Each era in Indian film music also had distinct sound.

So What Makes Music Universal?

In spite of music being differentiated by time and place of origin,it is still an universal language capable of building bridges across continents and generations.

Good music is the one which touches the innermost part of your heart and soothes its wounds.Music caresses,enriches and enchants.It binds the listener with the source of music.It is for this very reason that musicians have dedicated fan following all over the world.

Music heals the soul,irrespective of its origins.Even with the vast variations we have in music,two different persons in two different parts of the world can listen to the same music and feel enchanted.That is because emotions conveyed by the music remains the same in all of humanity.

Love,Anger,Sorrow,Happiness,Prayer..there is no emotion that cannot be conveyed via music.And these emotions appeal to one and all.Music not only bridges the gap between cultures,but also between generations.There are many in the younger generations also who would like to listen to old classics too.

Starting from Beatles to Britney Spears there have been many pop/rock musicians who have fans all over the world.Beethoven and Mozart,the wizards of Western classical music are regarded highly whenever people talk of classical music in any part of the world.

Consider any popular music piece from any part of the world.I am sure if it is translated and set to same music and played in some other part of the world,it will gain popularity in the new place also.The original piece being from a different language or different nationality does not change the soul of the music.That is the power of music.

Bollywood music is perhaps one of India’s biggest cultural exports to the world.It is one of the most visible cultural aspects of India on foreign shores.

India-Pakistan have fought many wars.But there are many Pakistanis who love Bollywood music.
Similarly,there are many Indians who are delirious fans of the Pakistani Sufi rock band Junoon.There are many Pakistani singers like Adnan Sami,Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan who have a big following in India.

The fact that two warring nations like India and Pakistan can admire something in unison,is enough proof of the healing power of music.

Music gladdens a sad heart,calms a troubled mind and gives hope to a depressed soul.Music is the perfect antidote to the sundry maladies of this world.It has the power to unite and uplift everyone together in a melodious harmony.It is a sign of positivity and hope in an otherwise strife-torn world.Music is the one God-given gift to humanity to heal the world.

No wonder that Michael Jackson used his music to convey a message to ‘Heal the World and Make it a Better Place’.


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