Doreamon’s Gadgets

If you are the mom of a kid aged between 5 to 10,I am sure you know what I am talking about.

Sitting and watching Doreamon help Nobita is one of the favourite pastimes of my son.Each episode has a funny twist,adorable characters and superb dialogue delivery.But the major attraction of this series is the innumerable number of gadgets that emerge from Doreamon’s magic pocket.

I cant stop myself from admiring the versatility of the gadgets that Doreamon brandishes.Each problem has a solution-in the form of innovative gadgets.Doreamon helps Nobita out of every embarrassing situation by giving him access to his gadgets.Gadgets to make friends with Shizuka,gadgets to ward off Gian’s threats,gadgets to escape from doing homework..Doreamon’s gadgets cease to amaze.I wonder at the sheer imaginative power and out-of-box thinking of the script-writers.

So here are some common gadgets that are used.Trying to find out what we can do in our day-to-day life if we own some of these beautiful gadgets.

1. Bamboo-Copter-This cute device is like a cap to be fixed on the head.It helps Doreamon and   Nobita to fly anywhere they want,as if they are taking a helicopter.Such an useful device.
I hope I can use this to overcome Bangalore Traffic.

2.Any-Where Door-This door just has to be taken out from Doreamon’s pocket and opened.You can reach anywhere you want through this door.Anywhere means literally anywhere -Shizuka’s house,Antarctica,Pyramids…wherever you wish.No need to buy your travel tickets.Just use this and you can travel around the World.

3.Time-Machine-This is a gadget which helps Nobita and Doreamon to travel back and forth in time.In one episode,Nobita travels back to time when he was a child in his grandmother’s house.How I wish we had such a machine with us and relive memories of our childhood.

4.Small-Light- This is a really innovative piece.It makes big things and big people become smaller.When shone on the object again,the reverse happens.Small things become bigger.I saw in one episode,Nobita making a lion into a miniature and having it as a pet.He then releases it in the forest and makes it bigger again.All the time using the magical Torch Light.

5.Dream-Reader- This is a very cute device with a special purpose.It helps Nobita to see other people’s dreams.Wow!. Who can do this in real-life?.I guess those in love can loan this from Doreamon,just to check if their love-interest is dreaming about them or not.

There are many more.I read somewhere that Doreamon uses nearly 4000+ gadgets.That is quite a number.I have only listed out some of my favourites.

Looking at some of the gadgets,I feel that Doreamon is just not a childrens’ series.It is the best sci-fi series.Most of the gadgets can be modified and developed to apply for problems in real life.After all what is the use of science fiction,if it doesn’t hold the possibility of being replicated in real time in future.

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