Brinjals and Tomatoes

The Big Basket van arrived near the apartment.Crates of Vegetables and Fruits were carried inside the flat and delivered to the customer.Raj called out to his wife-‘Priya see here.All vegetables have come.Keep it inside’. Priya dutifully unpacked the vegetables and kept it inside the fridge.

The Brinjals and Tomatoes were placed next to each other.The brinjal with the biggest crown was the leader of the Brinjal gang.The most plumpy and bright red tomato was the queen of the tomatoes.

Brinjal being the ‘King of Vegetables’ was obviously proud about himself.
He looked down upon the plumpy tomato and said,’I don’t know why they have put you here along with me.You don’t deserve to come near me.See how lowly and fat you are!’. Tomato turned a shade redder with anger.’Mind your own business’,she admonished him.Just because he had a crown and looked fit,it did not mean he had a right to body-shame her.She was waiting for an opportunity to give him back.

‘Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown’,mainly because the King has to tackle too many problems and criticisms.The King of vegetables also has had to tackle too many criticisms.There are many who don’t like brinjals.

Varun, Priya’s son was yelling, ‘Mummy,please don’t cook brinjals today.I don’t like them.Yuck!’. He made a face as he uttered those words.

Priya glared at him.

‘I can only make what vegetables are there at home.You have to eat it.It is good for health’,she said sternly.

Varun sulked.Again,those awful brinjals!

With Brinjals,you can only have two opinions-you like it or hate it.There is no other opinion.
when deep-fried and cooked with fiery Indian spices,is a delicacy worth
eating.But the same brinjal when half-boiled and cooked is something
people cant stand.There are some who don’t like brinjals however you cook them.Varun was one of those brinjal-haters.

He opened the fridge to check what else was inside.Wow! Shiny red tomatoes were there.
‘Mummy cant you just make tomato sauce or something?’,he asked expectedly.
‘Not today Varun.I have to make brinjals today.Besides,I will add a few tomatoes to the brinjal curry.It will give a tangy taste to the Brinjal curry.You will like it’,Priya reassured him.

Varun had to console himself to eat brinjals that day.

Listening to all this conversation inside the fridge,the Brinjal King and the Tomato Queen looked at one another.Brinjal’s pride had come down substantially after he heard Varun’s protests and Priya’s consoling.Tomato on her part looked at Brinjal with a victorious grin.So the King of Vegetables needed HER to make his dish yummy!. So much for his vanity!
As though reading her thoughts,Brinjal hung his head in shame.He realized that day,that he should never underestimate anyone,however lowly their status is.


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