Dressing Up

Are you the person who thinks that you are appearance doesn’t count,?,then think again.It does!
I have been guilty of a similar attitude for a long time.There have been multiple reasons for it.Such a neglect towards appearance partly stemmed out of laziness and partly out of cultural reasons.

As girls brought up in traditional Indian families we get advised right from an early age that we should not show off our beauty.We are taught not to dress up in a way that will attract anybody’s attention.Such an attitude slowly leads to lack of interest in appearance or any dressing up.When I think about it in a practical sense,I realize that such an attitude only diminishes your self confidence.
I remember what one of my friends mentioned after a visit to a temple.It was Pradosham and the Shivalinga and Parvathi vigraha in the temple were decorated beautifully for the occasion.She came back feeling ecstatic.She told me,’See ya,we admire the Gods also only if they are looking good’. How true!.
When the all-powerful Gods themselves require adornment,what can we say about mere mortals.

Was watching the Kangana-starrer ‘Queen’ sometime back.The plain Rani in the first half of the movie becomes a hottie in the second-half after changing her wardrobe and hair-do.Her portrayal clearly brought out how much importance is given to appearance in our society.

Don’t get me wrong.I am not saying that being beautiful is utterly essential.Not all of us can be Aishwarya Rais.I am only saying that we have to try to look our best.It is not an easy task.It takes effort to maintain your appearance also.
Doesn’t matter if you are fat,dark or have some physical deformity.What matters is a presentable appearance and disposition.Dress to highlight your strong points.If you are dark-skinned wear some light-colored attire and vice versa.If you work in a corporate environment,look up your company’s rules for formal and informal wear.Dress as per your company’s clothing culture.Dress to impress-your colleagues,boss,sub-ordinates as well as clients.Not in a personal sense but in a way that they would feel confident to interact with you in a formal business setting.

Dressing up well does not mean you should aim to attract undue attention.Not at all.Good grooming is a confidence-boosting measure.Dressing up is for your own pleasure and satisfaction. I should admit that such a realization dawned on me quite late.By the time I decided to change,I was already in my thirties and with a school-going kid.The change came about rather slowly-after a lot of gentle prodding from good friends and affectionate advice from my husband.I write this hear because I strongly believe that no age is old age when it comes to improving your self-confidence.

Tips for Good Grooming:

1.Wear neat,pressed clothes daily
2.Maintain personal hygiene
3.Apply only make-up that suits you
4.Take care of your hair
5.Exercise regularly
6.Eat healthy balanced food
7.Wear comfortable footwear
8.Choose trendy and comfortable wardrobe
9.If possible,visit a spa once in a while
10.Get a Good Night’s Sleep

So friends -Happy Dressing Up!

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