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Ranganathan Street

T. Nagar is the heart of Chennai shopping. No number of ultra modern malls can beat the joy of T.Nagar shopping. Those who love local market shopping will definitely agree with me.

My mother used to say,’You can buy everything in T.Nagar,except elephants and horses’. Even though she mentioned in half jest,it is still true. The variety of shopping options available in T.Nagar is really mind-blowing.

Right from sizzling diamonds to the modest brinjal,there is nothing you cannot get in T.Nagar.
People go to shopping in T.Nagar for their weekly vegetable shopping as well as for weddings.

For wedding shopping,there is no better place than T.Nagar. The area houses some of the finest names in silks and jewellery.Sample a few:

Silk Sarees Shopping:

Chennai Silks
Sundari Silks

Jewellery Shopping:

GRT Jewellers
LKS GoldHouse
Lalitha Jewellery

Household items Shopping:

Ratna Stores
Kanchi Plaza

Electrical Items Shopping:

Ratna Fan House

T.Nagar does not lag behind in eataries also.

Adyar Ananda Bhavan
Saravana Bhavan
Grand Sweets and Snacks
Murugan Idly Shop
Woodlands Tiffin Room
Thalapakatti Biriyani
Vasanta Bhavan
Ambika Appalam
Krishna Sweets
…………it is a very big list

List will be incomplete without the famous Saravana Stores. The growth story of Saravana Stores is phenomenal. It is one of the locally grown success stories. They seem to have a foot in almost all of the retail streams-clothes,household items,jewellery,furniture,eatables and groceries,all on the promise of selling items for a cheaper price.

Other than the established names,what makes T.Nagar unique are the small time traders. Most of them sell their wares on the pavement. A few years back,the pavement vendors in Pondy Bazar were alloted shops in a newly constructed shopping complex in the same area. Now it looks something similar to Bangalore’s Jayanagar 4th Block shopping complex. The Pondy Bazar complex is one of my favourite shopping places. You can get fashion jewellery,modern dresses,salwar suits,kids garments,kerchiefs,socks,ladies accessories,toys,flowers,household decoration items,mobiles and accessories,electronic items,shoes…any item you name it..it will be there.

Diwali Shopping is another time when T.Nagar is bursting at its seams. People come from far and wide to T.Nagar for their Diwali Shopping. What with the wide variety of garment shops available in T.Nagar,you can really pick and choose what you want to buy.

The shopping area stretches from Pondy Bazar through Panagal Park,Usman Road and into Ranganathan Street upto T.Nagar Bus Stand.

Ranganathan Street is a mini  shopping zone in itself. All kinds of shops are present in this street.Any day,Ranganathan street is a sea of humans. It is so crowded that you just have to stand in the beginning of the street and the crowd will just push you in. It is one of the places where you can bargain to your heart’s content. Best method to bargain-ask the price,divide it by half and negotiate for that price. Go a bit further and you can buy fresh vegetables and fruits at one of the best prices in Chennai.

What has contributed to the growth of shopping in T.Nagar is its excellent connectivity and accessabilty. But what has skyrocketed the growth is the zeal and enterprise of the local traders and businessmen. They are not part of any big retail chains or multinational outlets. They are home-grown traders who have started their enterprise from the streets,literally.

So,get ready to go to T.Nagar,Happy Shopping!!


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