Rajni Mania Returns

Kabali, Rajni’s latest movie is about to release.Kabali teaser itself garnered a million views.That’s the pull Rajni has among his fans.

I am one among the millions of die-hard Rajni fans.What is it that makes Rajni tick?
Brought up in Chennai,I just couldn’t escape the aura of Rajni.He has enthralled at least two generations of fans till now.

No,Rajni is not the cute chocolate boy or romantic hero.I remember once a colleague asking me,’What is there to admire in that old man?’.Yes,he is definitely my father’s age or maybe still older.But still he has the charisma to give young heroes a run for their money.

He has not shot any black bucks nor done drunk driving.He has not rammed his car into pavement dwellers,nor stored banned arms and ammunition in his home.More importantly,he has not made any stupid ‘intolerance’ statements.That’s Rajni for you.He maintains his dignity.That is one quality which endures him to the masses.

Rajni has come to be identified with Tamilnadu as its face.For all this,he is neither a native Tamil speaker nor was he born and brought up there.Yet,he has captivated the hearts of millions of Tamils and made Tamil cinema stand out.In spite of all this,he remains a simple man.No make up or unnecessary show-offs when he appears in public.His expensive costumes and hairstyles are reserved for the on-screen persona.Not for the real man.

Though I look forward to seeing Kabali,I must admit I am a bit apprehensive about it,especially after seeing Linga.This last Rajni film was somehow not satisfying enough.It lacked the fast-pace of a Rajni film.Of course,there are many of his movies which were mind blowing.In this age of cheap taste movies,Rajni holds his own with his endearing feel good movies.Movies in which the good guy always prevails over treachery and evil.His movies do not have gory violent scenes or overtly vulgar sex moves.Clean family entertainment.Thats one more reason Rajni still ticks.

More than his superstar avatars,I like the vintage Rajni better.His initial movies,like ‘Aaril irundhu arubadhu varai’, had him play the role of an innocent,hardworking family man,who struggles to bring up his family against all odds.One of my favorite Rajni songs is from his early days movie ‘Padikadhavan’.In the movie,he plays an elder brother who is trying to support his younger sibling.His brother is gratitude-less,cheats on him and goes wayward.Unable to bear the treachery,he drowns in alcohol and in a poignant song,pours out his angst to his lady love.The song goes thus-‘Oorai therinjukitten..ulagam purinjukitten
kanmani..'(English translation- I understood the world now,my dear.). That was classic Rajni.That was one of the scenes where his acting took over his famed style.

Talking about style,there is no one to beat Rajni at that.He has mastered the art so efficiently and makes it look so effortless.He invokes so much adulation that fans pour milk over his cutout and burst crackers when ever his movie releases.

Even though I am also an ardent fan,I cannot but help wondering-Is it necessary for him to strain himself so much at this age.Especially,after the health issues he had a few years back.What else does he need to prove and to whom?Already he has enough fame,power,adulation,money and what not.
All said and done,I would definitely enjoy watching a good Rajni movie again.
I think there lies the answer why he still delivers.
As long as he has got delirious fans,he will continue to do films.
There is no stopping Rajni on that.



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