Indigenous Ways to Beat the Summer Heat



Summer is here again.We had enough watsapp messages showing a broken egg turning into an omelet under the heat(without fire).

Excessive heat brings sunstroke and dehydration.How to overcome the heat?
Here are some time-tested Indian ways to beat the summer heat.

Tender Coconut-The tender coconut water is the nature’s gift to mankind to beat the sultry heat.It is a natural beverage available inside the coconut kernel.The liquid in the tender coconut has many nutritious values and is highly recommended as electrolyte.It keeps the body cool and prevents dehydration.
Price of one tender coconut typically varies from Rs.10-Rs.40,per piece.

Panakam(Indian version of Lemonade)-The best drink to beat the heat.Usually made for Rama Navami.This is made by dissolving jaggery in water and adding lime extract,dry ginger,cardamom and salt  to it.It is a very yummy drink.
I found a good recipe post for Panakam here:

Neermore(Buttermilk)-Take a cup of yoghurt.Churn it and dilute it with water.Add salt,coriander and curry leaves,dry ginger,cut green chillies to the diluted curd.Thats all.Buttermilk is ready.The most refreshing drink to have in the hot sun.
Here is a good post for preparing Buttermilk:

Vettiver(Khus Khus)-This one is a special aromatic grass which grows mostly in Southern India.The roots of the vettiver plant can be woven into window shades/curtains.When these curtains are sprinkled with water,they produce a sweet smell and also keep the interiors of the house cool.It is natural air-conditioning for you.

Clay Pots and Water Bottles-These days we can see clay pots with a tap at the bottom,available in the markets.Clay pots are best way to keep the water cool in this hot summer.
Not to be left behind,these days potters have started making clay water bottles and clay jars also.Clay bottles keep the water cool during travel also.
Here was an informative news on clay bottles:

So friends,make use of these indigenous ways and stay cool this summer.


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