Lady MLA and Impersonation Issue

There was a viral photo circulating in social media about a lady MLA from Assam.I know very little about Assam politics or its cinema,but I understand that this lady is an actress-turned politician.

The photo showed an attractive lady,clad in T-shirts and jeans as the Assam MLA.
Naturally,the photo created an Internet sensation.
I could see men gushing over her in almost all the watsapp groups where this photo was posted.The only group where I could see no such excitement was my all-girls watsapp group.Nobody seemed to bother about her.

Then came the shocker-The photo was not that of the Assam MLA.The lady in the photo was a physical trainer from Mumbai and not an MLA.This created another social media counter-reaction.

Now I am left wondering whether this photo interchange was a deliberate move from someone.If so,from whom?
If it was from the Mumbai lady’s side,it was really a clever move to garner attention and propel her to stardom.If she had any Bollywood ambitions,I am sure it will succeed now on-wards.I can visualize cine directors and producers lining up at her doorstep for their next venture.She has got enough fan following already.

On the other hand,if it was not from the Mumbai lady’s side..
I suppose it was a novel idea from any of the MLA’s political rivals.I do not know how this lady looks.But guess her rivals wanted to either defame her or humiliate her by posing another lady’s picture as hers.I bet she is not happy about it.
Or am I guessing right? Of course,this lady MLA has also become popular now on account of this controversy.I am sure very few people outside Assam would have heard of her before this episode.Now her popularity has also surged ahead.Not sure if this is negative publicity or positive publicity for her or whether it will help her get ahead in her political career.Anyways,I suppose  for a politician no publicity is bad publicity.

This leads us to a question of social media usage.The frenzy with which the photo was circulated and drooled over on watsapp groups alarms me.Is impersonation so easy on social media?. It is an inherent danger which we need to be careful about.This might have been a harmless case of simple drooling,but I shudder to think of what might happen if it was something more grave.

Better stay safe on social media!



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