Politics at the Expense of National Integration

Past few weeks have been bad for Indian Nationalism. I say this with lot of sadness. I am hardly the type of person who will sit and listen to Arnab Goswami throughout the day. But this news really left me rattled.
There was this guy,a student union leader of a reputed university,shouting anti-national slogans with all his might. It left me wondering-where is India headed to?

More shameful,political parties are supporting such speeches,under the pretext of supporting freedom of speech. Is advocating sedition Freedom of Speech? Which country allows this? And,why should this be allowed? Some politicians and some of our own citizens support such activities just to score a few brownie points with some sections of the society. Shameful!
Anybody supporting terrorists cannot be nationalists. What is the hesitation in calling a spade a spade?. Supporting Freedom of Speech doesn’t mean supporting all forms of nonsense.

Now new reports state that there was no anti-national speech delivered. It was a doctored video. Really?
There cant be smoke without fire.
Ok,even if we suppose that it was a doctored video,what were those people protesting against that day?
Why choose a day dedicated to a terrorist?
You want to hold a demonstration denouncing the hanging of a terrorist who dared to challenge the sovereignty of the nation and portray it as a cultural fest?
Which normal university students hold a cultural fest dedicated to a terrorist?

For those pseudo-nationalists,who are denouncing Afzal Guru’s hanging,justifying it as an argument against capital punishment-please ask yourselves these questions-
Has India never hanged anybody other than Afzal Guru? Has anybody held demonstrations for the others who were hanged?

Too many uncomfortable questions here.

Who gave an unknown student leader so much guts to come out on bail and immediately hold a public rally denouncing the Indian Government? Who is behind this? It seems to be part of a bigger conspiracy and does not look like an innocent student leader who was just protesting against poverty and caste system.
If it was such an innocent rally,why were there suspicious elements in the crowd.

Claims and counter claims in this issue are only endangering the security of our nation. One partition has created enough headaches. Supporting one more partition will not solve India’s problems. It will only create newer problems and destabilize the country even more.

Please,my dear Indians,please remember,India is India only because of its unity.
At the end of the day,it is our country. It doesn’t belong to politicians alone.
Do not allow people to brainwash you saying that it is ok to raise slogans against the country and still say I am a patriotic Indian.

Even if you are the type who wouldn’t bother about what happens to the country,please understand that a United India is what has made us what we are today. India should stay united so that its citizens can have a peaceful and dignified life. A chaotic nation does not produce good citizens. For your well-being and the well-being of the nation,resist attempts to support anti-nationalism under the garb of Freedom of Speech.


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