Life After LiFi

Nothing excites an inquisitive mind like a new invention or discovery. To that end,here is my next article on LiFi-short for Light Fidelity.
We have made use of light for different purposes other than lighting-solar energy,LED equipments and so on. The latest in this list is LiFi. LiFi is the new buzzword in the telecommunication sector today.

What is Lifi ?

LiFi is an alternative to WiFi. It is a means of connecting to the internet.
LiFi involves the use of visible light spectrum to transmit data packets. A normal LED bulb can be used to transmit data,by switching it on and off in great speed. The switching on and off of the LED lamp occurs very fast and is not discernible to the normal human eye.

Both WiFi and LiFi use waves in the electromagnetic spectrum. But due to the broader spectrum available for visible light,LiFi has more bandwidth. Hence can connect to more devices than WiFi.

LiFi has proved to be a blessing in places where usage of WiFi is either harmful or not feasible. For example,in hospitals and air crafts,usage of WiFi can interfere with functioning of electromagnetic equipments and is not recommended. LiFi can be used to connect to internet in such places,without having to worry about electromagnetic interference.
Similarly,in airports and offices,where there is possibility of large number of people logging into internet simultaneously,LiFi can be used instead of WiFi. This is because LiFi makes use of visible light spectrum,which is easily available and also has a broader bandwidth.
Another advantage of using LiFi is that it does not require rigid licensing like WiFi because it makes use of freely available visible light radiation.
Differences between LiFi and WiFi:
Light Waves
Radio Waves
Broader Spectrum
Narrow Spectrum
Operating Frequency
Hundreds of Tera Hz
LiFi has a major disadvantage in that it cannot pass through walls and equipments need to be within range of visible light. Some people consider this is an advantage due to security reasons as the connectivity will not be there outside the walls.
However,for now,LiFi is still in the labs and has just made nascent attempts for real-time use.
Equipments and devices employed in LiFi are expensive and not affordable. However,as with all technologies,LiFi also will develop in course of time. It is not long before LiFi will be affordable and freely available to everyone.
Moreover,LiFi using visible light for internet would mean that internet would become more affordable for the common man. This is the real ‘Free Basics’.
Many companies world wide are working on this technology.
Proud to state that an Indian start-up is also involved in bringing LiFi to Life.

Today,life depends on Internet via WiFi.Tomorrow’s life will depend on LiFi.
Here is a picture which aptly illustrates how Life will be after LiFi:

To conclude,I quote a Sanskrit sloka to light:
“Deepam Jyoti parabrahmam
Deepam sarva tamopaham
Deepena sadhyathe sarvam
Sandhya deepam namosthuthe”

Translation in English for the above Sloka:
“My Salutations to the Evening Lamp;whose Light is the Supreme Being itself;whose Light removes the Darkness of Ignorance;the Light with which we can achieve everything in Life”

Not that I am equating LiFi to Divinity.
But,still there are parallels here.
LiFi is going to be the light which connects to the internet,granting access to information to many,thus removing the darkness of ignorance. LiFi is going to be the light enabling the connectivity to the Internet of Things,making lot of things possible.


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