Odd-Even Formula

Some months back,if someone had mentioned about odd and even numbers,we all would have thought of our high school maths teacher.Not now.
Odd-Even numbers reminds us of Delhi,Pollution and Arvind Kejriwal.
Nice way to teach maths to kids!

For starters,the story of Delhi’s pollution control experiment goes like this:
The Delhi High Court noted that pollution levels in Delhi had reached alarming levels and directed the Central and State governments to take concrete measures to curb pollution.The Odd-Even rule was the Delhi State Government’s answer to the High Court Directive and was aimed at curbing vehicular pollution.

What was the Odd Even Formula
Rule was simple-Odd numbered vehicles to ply on Odd numbered Days and Even numbered vehicles to ply on Even numbered days.Emergency vehicles and vehicles of VIPs were excluded from this rule.Excluding VIPs from the rule gave rise to controversies with people questioning the rights of VIPs to pollute the city’s air with their vehicle emissions.

It was an experimental approach that gave rise to criticisms with many feeling that it was an useless exercise as the main issues were not addressed.Main issues were vehicles not following emission norms and plying unauthorizedly.Concrete steps were needed to enforce emission norms strictly and to adhere to international standards in vehicle design to curb pollution.Urgent steps were needed to stem the rot before it could become unbearable.

The Odd Even formula implementation itself gave rise to several jokes on social platforms on the internet.
Sample these:
‘Matrimonial Advt in Delhi:27 years old,educated boy with odd numbered vehicle looking for beautiful girl with even numbered vehicle.Suitable candidates please reply with picture of vehicle and registration number’
‘Inspired by the new Delhi traffic odd and even number rules,here comes an important news from Mumbai police..
On odd days,Salman will drive his car.
On even days,people will sleep on the footpath’.

Jokes apart,the Odd Even formula gives rise to lot of questions.The rule was introduced on a trial basis for a period of 15 days.So what happens after the trial period?
Same old traffic jams and same levels of pollution?(maybe more)
There are two phases for controlling pollution-formulation of concrete policies in line with global pollution control standards and strict implementation of the same.Both require lot of political will.Especially the implementation part-what with the corrupt systems prevelant in India,it is very difficult to check pollution-causing vehicles.

Maybe the odd-even exercise may not achieve much in terms of tangible pollution control results,but it can serve to create awareness regarding the pollution levels.Any social measure can become successful only when people understand their responsibilty towards it.The understanding should be common across the spectrum-the educated,the illiterate,the rich,the poor-everybody should understand the implications of polluting the air we breathe in.
Hopefully the odd-even formula creates the required awareness and serves as the first step towards pollution control.


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